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Job Objectives: To prepare the construction site for installation of commercial grade electrical circuitry. Installs and maintains the electrical circuits.

Maintain and service on site electrical equipment. Employee must adhere to safety procedures.

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Essential Job Functions:

  1. Supervises and trains Electrician Helpers.

  2. Works outdoors in all weather conditions.

  3. Reads and understands blueprints.

  4. Assists in modifying or planning new installations to minimize waste of materials and provide access for future maintenance.

  5. Prepares sketches showing the location of wiring and equipment or follows diagrams or blueprints ensuring that concealed wiring is installed before the completion of future ceilings, and floorings

  6. Works around hazardous wiring.

  7. Measures, cuts, bends, threads, assembles, and installs electrical conduit using rulers, hand tools, power tools.

  8. Splices wires using hand tools, soldering equipment, tape or terminal gaps.

  9. Connects wiring to lighting fixtures and power equipment using hand tools.

  10. Installs control and distribution apparatus such as switches, relays, and circuit breaker panels.

  11. Unwinds and pulls cable.

  12. Connects power cable to equipment using hand tools.

  13. Tests the installed equipment for safety and electrical compatibility

  14. Disassembles defective electrical equipment.

  15. Loads transports, unloads materials, tools, equipment, and supplies.

  16. May assist in lifting, positioning, and securing of materials and work pieces during installation.

  17. Cleans and performs minor maintenance activities on tools and equipment.

  18. Maintains a clean and safe work environment.

  19. Re-stocks supplies and materials as necessary.

  20. Must be able to safely traverse uneven terrain with tools and building materials.

  21. Must be able to climb vertical ladders and work above ground as necessary.

  22. Performs a variety of tasks involving safe dexterous use of hand tools.

  23. Safely operates power tools and equipment.

  24. Adheres to all safety procedures.

Equipment Used to Perform Job:

  1. Protective Equipment: Gloves, hard-hat, goggles, fireproof coveralls, safety harness.

  2. Various long and short handled tools -- pry bar, sledgehammer, saw, wrench, hammer, and pliers.

  3. Power tools - saw, drill, grinder, and cutting torch.

  4. Tool bucket and tools

Significant Worksite Measurements:

  1. Safety harness weighing up to 7 -10#, worn continuously.

  2. Tool bucket with assorted wrenches and hand tools -- up to 30#

  3. Materials and equipment lifted/carried -- up to 50#.

  4. Materials are lifted to varying heights of 18 to 60 inches

  5. Cutting torch -- 10#

  6. Grinders -- 15#

  7. Electric saw/German air saw -- 15#

  8. Wrenches -- up to 35#

  9. Sledgehammer -- 8#

Critical Demands:

  1. Lifting: up to 50#, floor to 36”, to 60”, (frequent).

  2. Carrying: single hand up to 50#, 50 feet, (frequent).

  3. Pulling: hand-over-hand, 25 - 30#, 30 feet vertically while standing in stooped position, (occasional).

  4. Climbing: vertical ladder, 20-25’ increment, up to 150’, (frequent).

  5. Crouching and reaching: for up to 5 min. on even, uneven, narrow and/or elevated surfaces, (frequent).

  6. Kneeling and reaching: for up to 5 min on even surfaces (frequent).

  7. Squatting: for up to 4 min. on even and uneven surfaces (frequent).

  8. Balancing: on rough ground and narrow surfaces -- 6 inch (continuous).

  9. Overhead Work: from various positions (squatting, standing, crouching); (occasional).

  10. Static Forward Bending: from standing, crouching, squatting or kneeling while using tools up to 10 min. at a time (frequent).

  11. Trunk Rotation: from standing or kneeling (frequent).

  12. Walking: throughout the day on even and uneven surfaces up to 500’ (continuous).

  13. Grip: 60#, (frequent).

Call 941-806-6084 to set appointment and fill out application

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Richard Daniel



Req ID 2018-174092

Category Electrical - Journeyman

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